Partner organisations: The Bridge, Reservoir Neighbourhood House, Alphington Community Centre, Jika Jika Community Centre, Span Community House, Friends of Baucau, Darebin Council, Yarra Council.

Friends of Baucau (FoB) is a local residents group who have a friendship with communities in the sub district of Baucau, Timor-Leste. FoB identified that the local women’s organisation networks in Baucau were not coordinating their efforts or communicating with each other effectively, so that their collective voices were not being heard. FoB approached the Darebin Neighbourhood Houses (DNH) to be involved in a three year project. The project was to share the knowledge and resources the DNH’s had around partnerships for community development outcomes.

The Baucau Friendship Project has highlighted for us how our skills in relationship building are something we can and should share.

If you wish to find out more about the Baucau Friendship Project please contact Span.

If you have any working computers, monitors, laptops, phones and chargers you no longer use, please drop these into Span as we are able to send them to Timor-Leste.


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