A local solution for recycling bottle tops...? We hope so!

Bottle tops are an interesting one for us here at Span!

Technically, they are fine to go in normal recycling if you live here in Darebin, but a lot of people seem to keep them separate and have been looking for an alternative, so we wanted to see what we could find…

We’ve been lucky enough to join with a local Reservoir business Gargoyles & Dragons as they explore how they might recycle these for use in their current products or to create new ones.

There’s a lot of back end complexity to this and it’s taken a while for us to feel we had enough certainty to spread the word further, but here we now are. Yay!

The Gargoyles & Dragons crew are progressing things for testing their end and we now have a couple of arrangements in place to sort the bottle tops we receive into colour batches.

Sorting by colour is key to being able to process the materials properly so solving this bit of the puzzle now means we can help more by having different types ready to go for them.

If you can do this sorting at home, it’s really helpful, but if you can’t we’ve got your back!

A huge shout out to Team Jake and our local Cooper Branch of Grandmothers for Refugees who have joined us in this sorting effort to make this a more workable solution for all involved!

This really will make a huge difference for the whole endeavour!

We’ll share more here as we get to test phases and hopefully be able to share some product news soon too!

To download a flyer to explain how to sort,

please click here