Sustainability News...

April 2022

Our RRR Hub project has been underway for just over six months now. Where has the time gone…?!

We’ve been delighted with how the community has engaged with us on this, helping us to divert so much waste from landfill and into better uses.

By working together we have boosted the circular economy and reduced our collective environmental footprint in so many ways including :

  • >   taking food waste from our neighbours and local businesses to reduce their impacts and costs
  • >   creating compost to boost the productivity of our community garden
  • >   giving glass jars and elastic bands a new lease on life as reusable coffee cups at a not-for-profit cafe
  • >   contributing to the fabulous work of Aussie Bread Tags for Wheelchairs
  • >   supporting local groups with their important sustainability work

The data speaks for itself so check out our infographic for more info!

Lots of great things done. Lots more to do.

Come join us!

December 2021

We’ve had a great start to our RRR Hub project with so much more excitement to come next year…

We will have new initiatives like collecting for Team Jake and hosting Party Kits.

Our new external hub will be open for drop off of items for reuse and recycling.

And we will ramp up our composting game to be able to process more food waste with more bins, a new wash station and new volunteers in the mix.

We have never been so excited by a sink. Ever!

Stay tuned for more when we return in the new year.

In the meantime we hope you have a sustainable holiday break! 🙌