Lively is a not for profit organisation who believe that young and older people have so much to offer each other, and so much to gain from connecting.

Lively train and employ young jobseekers to provide services that help older people stay connected and live well. Why? 4 in 10 older people feel lonely, isolated and disconnected. 13% of Australia’s young people can’t find a job. They can assist with home care, technology and gardening.

Contact or 90704746. With the current Covid-19 restrictions in place these services may be limited, but contact Lively for more information.

Some things Lively Helpers can support you with include:

  • Help keeping the house and garden clean and tidy.
    • Assistance with shopping and basic meal preparation.
    • Company to pursue your interests and hobbies.
    • Transport to help you get out and about.
    • Help with walking or caring for pets.
    • Help with personal care and medication management.
    • Help with learning about and using new technology.
    • And much more!