The Critical Decade

The science of climate change tells us we are, here an now, in a time when we have to act before it’s too late.

The language around this can be hard to understand and can be scary, but there are things we can all do in our lives to play a part in this.

If you think about your every day life you’ll recognise how climate change is already playing out in real ways…

  • > Hotter days more often
  • > Big, damaging winds
  • > Downpours of intense rain 
And how does it impact us…?

It can be anything from sleepless nights resulting in cranky and unproductive days, your bus or train not running on time, you avoid doing your food shopping at certain times of the day, or your energy bills getting higher as you try to keep warm or cool.

Our governments and the big polluters have a critical role to lead on action but taking individual action does have meaning – collectively we can make changes on the ground and this helps influence bigger changes around us as well.

Span wants to support the community to understand and do more on climate action and we will work with others to build skills and momentum in this space.

Some things will be quick and easy, some will require more work, but we want to help with this in the best way we can and will have more activities in this area soon.

                                                  Climate Action & Resilience Course