Sustainable Futures- A Family Co-learning Program- starting 11 May (Preston) 9:30- 11:30

A hands-on program for primary carers and parents exploring employment, further education or community action pathways within emerging sustainable industries.

It’s also kid-friendly! Bring along your little ones to learn about our environment and how to be more sustainable at home. 

The 5 sessions will be led by a Careers Counsellor and Environmental Educator, bringing you the best of both worlds to explore how to reduce waste at home, and how to incorporate these new skills into a workplace. 

Is this course for me?

This program has been designed to support adults and primary carers of children under 5 to explore options to re-engage with employment, education, volunteering or community activism. Each session will incorporate family-learning activities for adults and children, and then adult-only activities to explore goal setting, values and how to structure community work around child-caring responsibilities.