The Bridge Darebin are thrilled to bring you our Winter Program for 2021!
Whether you’re looking to make a start with computers, develop your artistic talents, upskill to break into a new industry, improve your fitness or get involved in your community, we are here to help you move forward!
Class enrolments are open from today and Earlybird Discounts are available until 1st July for loads of courses taking place during Term 3.
Read on for some highlights including free computer classes, heavily discounted fitness and more:
💙 We’re extending our award-winning TTT training program to support neuro-diverse learners and job seekers in their 20s and 30s! Through this hands-on vocational course and cafe placement activities, students will build confidence, skills and knowledge to navigate employment in the customer service industry.
💛 Want to improve your fitness? Are you a Darebin resident?
Join us for women’s-only Zumba for the SPECIAL PRICE of $18 for the WHOLE TERM!
💙 Held at our Preston campus on Mondays, Be Connected offers FREE face-to-face beginner computer lessons to anyone over 50.
Through personalised support, you’ll be able to learn skills to stay connected with family and up-to-date on the latest news; including how to use a digital device, be safe online, send emails, use Facebook and other social media, shop online and much more!
💛 Sustainability 101 is ideal for learners who are interested in developing their knowledge around the intersections of the energy, food, water and waste systems.
You’ll leave this course being better equipped to live sustainably,
manage household waste and understand the role sustainability must play in business, government and community.
Head to the “Courses” tab on our website to book: