Shiatsu is a deeply healing bodywork, or massage, therapy based on the traditions of Traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine. Shiatsu can provide support in the treatment of many conditions including musculoskeletal and physical, emotional and spiritual. Shiatsu can, however, be inaccessible for a number of reasons including price and the reluctance to be in a one on one setting.

CoShiCo, or the Community Shiatsu Collective, is keen to offer Shiatsu to everyone regardless of their socio-economic background or circumstances. Offering shiatsu at a community rate enables people to access regular treatments in order to maintain their health or treat specific long term conditions. We are a team of three shiatsu practitioners, Armelle, Christine and Lucy, who trained together at the Australian Shiatsu College and have been treating for 5 years.

CoShiCo runs out of SPAN neighbourhood house every Tuesday from 4-7pm in a shared therapy space. This shared space means you will be receiving your treatment in the company of other clients, however the treatment will be one-on-one with your practitioner.

A 50 minute treatment with CoShiCo costs $45 for concession and $55 full price.

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