Rani Hughes

Rani Hughes is an occupational therapist and a master trainer in Dr. Paul Lam’s Tai Chi for Health programs. She has been playing tai chi for twenty years. As a master trainer, Rani has trained hundreds of health professionals to teach safe and modified tai chi to people with chronic conditions in Australia, South Korea and Sri Lanka. Rani has taught tai chi to a variety of people across all ages and all levels of ability. Rani was a founding Board member of the Tai Chi for Health Institute and was involved with a NHMRC funded research with Monash University exploring the benefits of tai chi on older people living independently. As a mind/body exercise Rani has gained much benefit from playing tai chi personally, and loves sharing this ancient art with others.

Tania Chandler

Tania Chandler is a writer, editor and tutor published in Australia, the UK and Germany. Her debut novel, Please Don’t Leave Me Herewas selected for State Library Victoria’s Summer Read program, and shortlisted for best debut novel for both the Davitt and Ned Kelly awards. Her second novel, Dead in the Water, was also shortlisted for a Davitt award. Tania is currently working on a third novel.

Sheena Mathieson

Sheena facilitates Span’s Art for All Abilities and Carers Get Creative activities.  Sheena is a Melbourne based artist and facilitator of a number of creative programs for people of all abilities. She works with a firm belief that everyone is an individual artist or creative being. Sheena’s sessions are fun facilitated sessions where participants enjoy making and learning about art.

Sheena also co-facilitates a pilot project for people with young onset dementia; runs art making sessions with groups and participants of all abilities; facilitates Level Playing Field where self-expression is celebrated by participants accessing the same materials, techniques and colour to create unique quality art work which is exhibited in a gallery in the city; and Strutt Your Stuff a fun inclusive evening of fashion and creativity and the power of re-using and recycling. Sheena accesses recycled and found materials for her work.


Catherine Donnelly

Catherine has been cooking up amazing healthy meals in the community for the best part of 10 years. Each week Catherine will be found in one of 4 kitchens around the North East of Melbourne preparing delicious food for those who are on the lookout for a nutritional and yummy meal.

Catherine brings several disciplines to the meals that she cooks. In addition to the meal itself Catherine draws on her years of experience as a florist to bring colour, proportion and atmosphere to her work which brings community and connection to those who gather to eat.  Well worth a visit!