Engage in life @ Span!

Span Community House is a dynamic hub of community, learning, assistance, support and sustainability, in the heart of Thornbury, providing community development opportunities.

We offer a diverse range of programs covering areas from digital literacy to art, health and wellbeing to gardening. We offer skill development, pathways to further study or employment, information sharing, support and assistance service, and activities for fun.

What is the advantage of visiting and engaging with a local community organisation? 

Supporting Span supports the community. Activities are excellent value for money as fees are calculated to only cover costs. Tutors and facilitators are skilled and qualified, and class sizes are kept to a minimum allowing individual attention and support from tutors. Staff and volunteers at Span offer a comfortable, supportive, welcoming and friendly environment.

Everyone is welcome. Our facilities are accessible for all. If you wish to enrol in a course or activity, meet other community members, require some support or assistance, then Span is the place for you.

We look forward to welcoming you to Span. It’s your house!

Colleen Duggan


2022 - The Year to Follow Through!


Term 4 is here. Where has the year gone to?!

If you made some resolutions or plans at the beginning of the year to learn something new, improve your health or get more active in the community, there’s still plenty of time to follow through and make it happen by joining us for one of our great activities or classes.

Please jump in to see what’s on offer and make your 2022 dreams come true! 

Click on Regular Activities to see an overview of what’s on offer, or Learn & Discover for more detailed information.

Coffee Good Times


Span is now proudly partnering with Friends of Baucau through the sale of coffee that supports their valuable work in Timor-Leste.

This delicious daily brew can improve your day and many lives!

Information about the coffee and how to purchase can be found here.

Span's Annual Report

Our financial year is a calendar year (January – December). 

Please click on the 2021 Annual Report for further reading of the most recently published report.

Darebin Neighbourhood House Network

Span is part of the Darebin Neighbourhood House Network. 
The DNHN comprises of seven Houses that work together to deliver a diverse range of community programs and services. 
Click on the pamphlet to see the community programs on offer in Darebin.
You can read more about other Learn Local Adult Further Education (ACFE) Courses in Victoria here.