Our Mission Statement

Span Community House Inc. seeks to contribute to the development of a sustainable and connected local community through educational and recreational activities. Our staff and volunteers are committed to equal opportunity, diversity and community development.


• the diversity among our staff, volunteers, participants
• social justice and the empowerment of marginalised groups
• participation without barriers
• environmental sustainability
• sustainable service provision and business practice
• the health and wellbeing of our community.

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Our History

Span Community House Inc. began as a cooperative community organisation.  Beginning in 1978, Span was a pilot project of the Brotherhood of St Laurence’s new approach to community services. Span was a culmination of this philosophy of engaging senior citizens. Until the early 1990’s, Span activities centred on the elderly within our community. During this initial period Span had a range of classes, programs and social action campaigns run for, and by, elderly people.

Today, Span is a House that offers low-cost quality activities and programs for people from diverse backgrounds, ages, abilities and needs.

Span has retained its commitment to the local community and to bridging difference and serving all regardless of age, ethnicity, ability, sexual orientation or gender.

Its role as an organisation that attempts to serve the disadvantaged in special ways has also continued, though this focus has shifted from only seniors, to include new and emerging communities and people of a variety of physical and mental abilities.

Our Staff and Volunteers

Span has a small team of four part time staff: Manager, Administrator, Program Coordinator and Community Development & Sustainability Coordinator. We have a number of term tutors, who are supported by our dedicated local volunteers and board of directors.

Here’s what our volunteers have to say about Span:

“Span has helped me deal with my life’s overwhelming issues. Volunteering gave me a reason to keep going in life through the support of staff and other volunteers” – Barb (Volunteer 10 years).

“Meeting people from all walks of life and keeping up my office skills are just a few of the reasons why I volunteer. For me, Span is all about friendliness, happiness and security.” – Judi (Volunteer 8 years).