Contribute to improving local biodiversity!

Join Span for a variety activities over the coming months where we get better connected with nature and get hands on to enhance our local biodiversity.

Supported by Parks Victoria as part of their Volunteering Innovation Fund, this is a community-led project that considers new ways of volunteering in and for the environment.

The good things ahead...

With a focus on bushland environments and indigenous plants, we will be delivering a number of events to get people hands on and connected to nature in our urban environment.

We will support local work to improve our natural environments. We will also use some of the beautiful natural areas in our neighbourhoods as back drops or inspiration for some events.

Activities will include:

  • 💚 Plant propagation – improving our plant knowledge and helping grow indigenous plants for future planting activities
  • 💚 Planting – supporting local work to improve the biodiversity of our local areas through indigenous plants
  • 💚 Habitat restoration – removing weeds and debris to help make better growing environments for indigenous plants
  • 💚 Art in nature – using the natural environment to inspire you to create something beautiful to share or take home
  • 💚 Tai Chi in nature – experience or enhance your tai chi practice by taking in the beautiful sights, sounds and air around you


Planned Events

Dates are approximate for now as we work through the wet weather we’re experiencing and work with project partners to decide what is best for planting and habitat restoration activities. Other events will be planned in around those events.

We will deliver the first event on Fri, 3-Feb and firm up next events early in the new year.

Booking information will be available in advance here and through our Facebook page.