Room Booking Enquiry 2024

All fees are by the hour and GST inclusive

Computer & Fairy Wren Room

The computer room seats 10 students using PCs. iPads, tablets and laptops  and can also be used as a meeting room.

The Fairy Wren Room has retractable walls that can be closed off from the computer room to make a small, quiet and private space for meetings and comfortably seats 5 people.



Computer Room

For use of computers       

Non-for-profit:     $55.00                  Small business:  $74.00                  Private:                 $94.00   

Computer Room

For meetings only

Non-for profit:      $27.00                        Small business:   $41.00                     Private:                 $55.00  

Fairy Wren Room


Non-for-profit:    $10.00

Small business: $19.00

Private:                $27.00


Kitchen and Dining Room

A spacious kitchen is available, complete with appliances (dishwasher, microwave, gas oven and cook top) and utensils (pots and pans, crockery and cutlery). The dining area can comfortably seat 30 people. This area can be used for creative classes, cooking classes and meetings.

Different rates and conditions apply for parties. Also a bond is required. Contact Span for details.

Use of kitchen and dining area

Non-for-profit:             $66.00
Small business:          $96.00
Private:                      $124.00

Meetings and classes only

Non-for-profit:          $27.00
Small business:       $41.00
Private:                      $55.00

Rosella or Lorikeet Rooms

Both these rooms are carpeted and lead to an enclosed outdoor area. There is a kitchenette available.

 Rosella Room

 Ideal for larger meetings or classes. Comfortably seats 40 people. Audio-visual equipment and a laptop is available.  

For Rosella Room or Lorikeet Room

Non-for-profit:          $27.00
Small business:       $41.00
Private:                      $55.00

Lorikeet Room

Ideal for smaller meetings or classes. Comfortably Seats 30 people.

Lyrebird Room (Rosella & Lorikeet combined)

A spacious room to cater for larger groups. Comfortably seats up to 70 people. The area is carpeted and leads to an enclosed outdoor area.  The Rosella & Lorikeet rooms  have retractable walls that open into one large room.

Lyrebird Room

Non-for-profit:           $53.00
Small business:        $81.00
Private:                    $110.00

We shall check availability and contact you as soon as possible.
Thank you for your enquiry.