Online classes

Many courses are held on site @ Span but some activities can be, and may be, offered online.

To meet Covid-19 restrictions or to keep our community safe during case surges, some on-site activities may be switched to online at short notice.

All participants are encouraged to speak with Span staff for assistance with getting online.

Course materials

Span will advise students prior to course commencement if there are course material fees to be paid.  This will be a separate payment and in addition to the course fee.

Public and school holidays

We are closed on public holidays but some courses operate during school holidays.

Your tutor will advise if your class continues through school holidays. Fees are calculated with this in mind.

Gift Vouchers

You can buy a Span Voucher as a gift allowing people to use them for payment towards various things including class enrolments, room hire or items for sale such as our Friends of Baucau coffee.

See here for more information.