Kenshi is a proud member of the Make A Difference Community: a group of like-minded businesses dedicated to doing more by using profits to fund pasta to eradicate hunger in Australia and supporting other not-for-profits to do more in their communities.

From general sales, candles sold fund 3kg of pasta which makes 12 meals for homeless people and families in need. The pasta is purchased by Make A Difference Community every month and delivered to the local food pantries and soup kitchens in Australia.

For sales directly through the Span website, $8.50 from each candle sold will come back to Span to support our important food relief and sustainability work in the community. 

Ways to purchase and get your candle:

  • 💜   Scan, pay and collect directly in our Reception area
  • 💜   Complete an online purchase and nominate to collect at Span
  • 💜   Complete an online sale with direct shipping to you