Get Creative 



It’s never too late to discover your artistic and creative side. Our tutors have extensive experience, are creative, skilled and well known in the arts sector.
Adult, Community Further Education (ACFE) is available. There is no refund for cancelled classes. ACFE fees cannot be paid through a NDIS plan.
Span is resourced to fund NDIS clients with mild disabilities. Span is not a NDIS provider but provides activities under NDIS plans.

Art for All Abilities 

Tutor   Sheena Mathieson

Join Sheena, a practising artist and our team of volunteers in a program of facilitated fun and stimulating art-related activities. 

You will use recycled materials and your creativity in a variety of mediums, as well as enjoying excursions. 

This group is for adults living with or recovering from a mental illness, have a mild disability or a long term condition.  

NDIS eligible. Contact the Program Coordinator to discuss.

Mondays 10.00am – 2.00pm

Term 1: 30 Jan – 3 Apr (9 weeks)
Fees: Full – $466, Concession – $423, NDIS – $512

Term 2: 24 Apr – 19 Jun(8 weeks)
Fees: Full – $414, Concession – $376, NDIS – $455

Fridays 10.00am – 12.00pm

Term 1: 3 Feb – 31 Mar (9 weeks)
Fees: Full – $218, Concession – $198, NDIS – $240

Term 2: 28 Apr – 23 Jun (9 weeks)
Fees: Full – $218, Concession – $198, NDIS – $240

Sewing @ East Preston Community Centre

Tutor   Marina Clark

This course will develop skills in on-line buying and selling for use in the workplace or to develop a business. This will compliment microbusinesses (at Span a microbusiness skill – sewing) and social enterprises, developing skills in on-line promotion and marketing.

No mid-term enrolment available. First session orientation, course outline and safety.


Thursdays 1.30 – 2.30pm 

Term1: 9 Feb – 6 Apr (9 weeks)                                                                              Term 2: 27 Apr – 22 Jun (9 weeks)                                                                         Fees per term: Full-$325, Concession-$295, NDIS-$358, ACFE-$84                

Creative Writing 

Tutor   Tania Chandler

Develop your writing skills and build confidence with our fun and informative course. 

The focus is on novel writing, but the skills and techniques learnt can be applied to other styles of writing, such as short stories and personal narratives. 

Suitable for beginner to intermediate writers who are happy to give and receive feedback on their work in a relaxed and encouraging environment. 

Tania is a writer, editor and tutor, published in Australia and internationally.  

ACFE eligibility criteria applies. No ACFE refund on cancelled classes.

Mondays 9.30am – 12.00pm

Term 1: 30 Jan – 3 Apr (9 weeks)
Fees: Full – $309, Concession – $281, NDIS – $340, ACFE – $97

Term 2: 1 May –  19 Jun (7 weeks)
Fees: Full – $241, Concession – $219, NDIS – $265, ACFE – $91

Thornbury Writers Workshop

Tutor   Tania Chandler

This group meet weekly to share their writing experiences, give each other feedback, try writing exercises and read work from published authors for tips and inspiration. 

Guided by a qualified and published author. Members come from all walks of life and all levels of experience. 

ACFE eligibility criteria applies. No ACFE refund on cancelled classes.

Wednesdays 9.30am – 12.00pm

Term 1: 1 Feb – 5 Apr  (10 weeks)
Fees: Full – $344, Concession – $313, NDIS – $378, ACFE – $97

Term 2: 26 Apr – 21 Jun (9 weeks)
Fees: Full – $309, Concession – $281, NDIS – $340, ACFE – $97

Get Arty Workshop Series

Join our resident artist Sheena Mathieson, for some fun and
stimulating 2 hour facilitated creative workshops.
Learn, experience and have fun being super creative with reused
items combined with quality materials. All materials provided.
Four workshops will be held from February to June.

Funky Jewellery            15-Feb. Make fun and unique jewellery from reused and upcycled bits and bobs.

Painting like Picasso   15-Mar. Learn about the Master Picasso and paint like him!

Printmaking Fun          17-May. Learn the art of playful hand printmaking with reused and upcycled materials.

Reframing Fun              21-Jun. Create a unique framed artwork using reused and upcycled materials.


Wednesdays, 10.00am – 12.00pm

Cost per session:

1 Session –   Full – $52; Concession – $49; NDIS – $57
2 Sessions – Full – $99; Concession – $86; NDIS – $109
3 Sessions – Full – $145; Concession – $135; NDIS – $160
4 Sessions – Full – $187; Concession – $178; NDIS – $206


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