Skills for  Work, Study and Personal Skills

Whether you are out of work, wish to return to work, start your own business, wish to commence or return to study, or are simply looking for a change of direction, we’ve got something to inspire you. These courses have small class numbers to ensure individual attention from the tutor.

Adult, Community Further Education (ACFE) is available. There is no refund for cancelled classes. Please contact Span to see if you are eligible. ACFE fees cannot be paid through a NDIS plan.

ACFE eligibility criteria applies. No ACFE refund on cancelled classes.

Span is resourced to fund NDIS clients with mild disabilities. Span is not a NDIS provider but provides activities under NDIS plans.

Writing for Your Future

Tutor Tania Chandler

Develop your writing skills and build confidence with our fun and informative course. The focus is on novel writing, but the skills and techniques learnt can be applied to other styles of writing, such as short stories and personal narratives. Suitable for beginner to intermediate writers who are happy to give and receive feedback on their work in a relaxed and encouraging environment. Tania is a writer, editor and tutor published in Australia and internationally.

Mondays 9.30am – 12.00pm

Term 3 15 Jul – 16 Sep (10 weeks)
Fees: Full $413, Concession $375, NDIS $454, ACFE $97

Term 4 7 Oct – 9 Dec (9 weeks – no class 4 Nov)
Fees: Full $371, Concession $338, NDIS $408, ACFE $97


Wednesdays 10.00am – 12.30pm

Term 3 17 Jul –  18 Sep (10 weeks)
Term 4: 9 Oct – 11 Dec (10 weeks)

Term Fees Full $413, Concession $375, NDIS $454, ACFE $97


Microbusiness Skills – Sewing at East Preston Community Centre

Tutor Marina Clark

This course will develop skills in on-line buying and selling for use in the workplace or to develop a business. This will compliment microbusinesses (at Span a microbusiness skill – sewing) and social enterprises, developing skills in on-line promotion and marketing.

No mid-term enrolment available. First session orientation, course outline and safety.


Term 3:  1.30pm – 3.30pm

Term 4:  1.30pm – 3.30pm
Dates: TBA

Term Fees: Full $325, Concession $295, NDIS $358, ACFE $84

Introduction to Cooking and Hospitality

Tutor Julie Tripicchio

Learn cooking and hospitality skills in this hands on and demonstration class. Using fresh seasonal ingredients and garden produce, learn planning, preparation, safety and presentation skills. ACFE eligibility criteria applies, no ACFE refund on cancelled classes.

Wednesday 10.00am-12.30pm

Term 3 17 Jul – 18 Sep (10 weeks)
Term 4 9 Oct – 11 Dec (10 weeks)

Term Fees: Full $605, Concession $550, NDIS $666, ACFE $97

Zero Waste Sustainable Food Systems

Tutor: TBC

Zero Waste is a vocational taster course which aims to develop learners’ culinary skills and understanding of food production in the context sustainable food systems. We are empowering learners with the practical skills and knowledge needed for emerging resource challenges within our food system and how to navigate employment and education pathways in the sustainable food industry. Improved culinary ability is an indicator of better nutritional and mental health, saving money in the long run and creating stronger family and community connections. ACFE eligibility criteria applies, no ACFE refund on cancelled classes.

Thursdays Time TBC 2.5 hours per week

Developing on-line Skills – Computer Skills

Tutor Russell Lennox

Learn and develop Microsoft Office and other on-line skills for work, further study or personal use. ACFE eligibility criteria applies, no ACFE refund on cancelled classes.

Fridays 10.00am – 12.30pm

Term 3  26 Jul – 6 Sep (7 weeks)
Term 4  17 Oct – 28 Nov (7 weeks)

Term FeesFull $144, Concession $131, NDIS $159, ACFE $75


On-line skills

With the increasing use of digital technology in everyday lives, we need to be up to date. Learn and develop on-line skills for work, further study or personal use.  Please contact Span to register your interest.  ACFE eligibility criteria applies, no ACFE refund on cancelled classes.

Introduction to Horticulture

Students will learn planning, developing and implementing processes of a working garden. This course will build skills in horticulture for use in further study and the workplace.  Contact Span to register your interest. ACFE eligibility criteria applies, no ACFE refund on cancelled classes.

Date TBC 2.5 hours x 9 weeks

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