Span will be hosting a “Native Bees: Why Pollinators Matter” workshop on Zoom next Tuesday, 27 July 2021 at 1.30pm.
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Meeting ID: 854 0782 8651
Event info Native Bees: Why Pollinators Matter
Katrina Forstner from Buzz and Dig will share lots of fascinating information about our beautiful native bees, including:
– Your backyard and its role in supporting local biodiversity
– What bees do and why we should care
– Evolution, lifecycle and behaviours of bees
– Landscaping and planting for bees
– Citizen science during Australian Pollinator Week
Presenter Bio
Katrina, our SPAN Garden Coordinator also runs Buzz and Dig and is a passionate home gardener who has created a native bee friendly garden full of fruit trees, vegetables, perennial and native flowers, will share her knowledge and skills to get you started in setting up a native bee friendly garden.
Her garden has been featured in Open Gardens Victoria, Grassroots Magazine, featured in Sharewaste and filmed with Costa Georgiadis for a biosecurity segment. Katrina’s passion for native bees is featured in The Contented Bee Book (ABC Books).
Buzz and Dig runs sustainable workshops for adults and younger audiences which aim to reconnect individuals with nature found in their own gardens and promotes urban biodiversity at a micro level.