What? Crikey. The year’s almost gone.

But where did the days go? What did we do?

Oh, that’s right we spend months in lockdown.

The first five, we all coped reasonably well. But the sixth saw many of us struggle.

So, the joy when we received an unexpected phone call. Someone asking, “Are you okay?”.

We worked out ways to overcome the lack of face-to-face conversations.

I started going out most days to buy a newspaper. Of course, pleasantries were exchanged.

At first this was done to keep me informed about ‘the bug’. After a while, it was the crosswords.

But, for me the past five weeks, I’ve enjoyed the happiness of being with friends, under one roof, writing.

As we come back to Span, the joyous greetings bring a smile to our hearts.

We sense a vibe of long-lost family once again together.

As we approach the end of the year, we look forward to opportunities to rebuild our friendships.

We believe in our own ability to cope with whatever crosses our paths.

We are family and family cares for family.

As we step into the new year …..

Remember that we are not alone.

We will meet again in 2022 and again enjoy each other’s company.