Quick Link to Log Food Waste Drop Off

From your kitchen, to our garden. And beyond!

We take your food waste and turn it into compost that feeds our community garden. The improved soil helps us grow more and support our all-abilities cooking class and our local food relief program which means your food waste is helping lots of other people!

We’re expanding and improving our program this year and are very excited about it.

We’d love you to join us and help grow our composting community – tell your friends and neighbours and let’s make this amazing together!

We're making improvements to the program with the support of the Victorian Government's Recycling Victoria Communities Fund.

Program Registration

It’s important to register to join the program so we can:

  • > Provide you with the info you need to make the system work
  • > Keep you up to date as things evolve

Recording Your Data

It’s important to record your food waste drop offs so we can:

  • > Measure the great impact we’re all achieving together
  • > Demonstrate success to secure future funding for these programs

Making the Best Compost

Getting the most out of your food waste will help us create the best compost for our community garden, so please follow a few simple ‘dos and don’ts’ to help us.

These are mostly related to avoiding things that won’t break down or can draw unwanted visitors to the community garden e.g. plastics, dairy and meat.

You can get the basics below, or for more in depth info, please click through to the FAQS.

Some simple guidelines to follow...