Waste Can be Complicated!

We all try our best but things change – packaging materials, recycling technology, Council contracts, reuse potential – and all this means we need to keep learning.

This project is aiming to find repair, reuse and recycling opportunities for things that cannot be dealt with in home waste systems but in doing this we want to support the community to understand what does and doesn’t work in council kerbside or resource recovery centres that we all have access to. 

Over the coming months we will share resources and host events that will help you up your recycling game at home and help people understand the systems we have to support better waste management.

Information shared will be Darebin specific in the main, but if you are outside the area some of this will be relevant to you, or your council may have it’s own version of the info available on its website. If they don’t have something that you think could be helpful to you and others in your area, let them know!

For the items that fall outside the ‘norm’, we will be setting up new collection points for lots of things and partnerships to support a circular economy where the value of these items is realised locally or further afield.

Exciting times ahead!