We were delighted to be awarded funding through Victorian Government’s Recycling Victoria Communities Fund for a project that ran from late 2021 through to Oct-2022. Dubbed the ‘RRR Hub’ the aim was to help reduce our collective environmental footprints by exploring and delivering ways to do better with ‘waste’.

The RRR Hub enabled the community to Repair, Reuse and Recycle more, improving our environmental impact and supporting social and environmental outcomes in Darebin and beyond.

We undertook a community development approach to engage and listen to people about what they thought the key waste issues were and set up to tackle these. 

The initial project was a great success, far surpassing our 4 tonne target to achieve over 11 tonnes (yep!) and now we are continuing the work of bedding these solutions in for ongoing benefits.

Keep an eye out for result being shared and in the meantime, keep Repairing, Reusing and Recycling with us and other services available locally. 

You can see what we collect and register for access to our external hub here.

  • > Expanded our current internal collection options
  • > Expanded our food waste and community composting program
  • > Engaged the community to see what they ideally want solutions for
  • > Developed local partnerships to support and expand the program
  • > Developed a program of events and workshops to engage and upskill the community to live more sustainably
  • > Identified more materials we can rescue from landfill
  • > Developed an external collection hub
  • > Delivered events, large and small
  • > Developed more partnerships with others doing good in our community
  • > Collated and celebrated the collective positive impacts we created as a community

Funding Support

The Span RRR Hub was supported by the Recycling Victoria Communities Fund, delivered by Sustainability Victoria on behalf of the Victorian Government.
Span was awarded $57,912 through the fund to deliver expanded and new opportunities for the community to improve sustainability outcomes through repair, reuse and recycling of materials and delivering events and workshops to engage the community on these important issues.
The Span RRR Hub was one of 24 successful projects in the first round of the Recycling Victoria Communities Fund.