One of our very talented Art for All Abilities students, Louise currently has a body of work on display at the Gee Lee-Wik Doleen Gallery in Craigieburn. Below are some words from Sheena Mathison, Span’s art facilitator regarding Louise’s exhibition.
Louise’s lovely exhibition is on now – on line at this stage but hopefully to be seen in person in due course.
The exhibition is called Ability to Make Art. The artist is Louise D’Amico, a talented young woman who I have had the pleasure of working with over a number of years.
Louise identifies as having an intellectual disability. This does not stop Louise doing anything she wants and particularly if that is art. She is a power house of positive energy.
It has been a privilege to work with Louise, to feed off her energy and be so inspired in my own art and practice.
Louise has produced a beautiful, vibrant body of work – perfectly timed for the start of Spring. This work is now on show at the Gee Lee-Wik Doleen Gallery in Craigieburn and can be viewed here…/ability-to-make-by-louise-damico
All of the artwork on show is for sale.
Congratulations Louise!