Term 3 is finishing this week. It is hard to believe that we have missed on site activities for terms 2 and 3 and it is very unlikely we’ll return in term 4. Unfortunately, Span is currently closed to everyone including staff and volunteers. The community garden and building are closed, and the 24 hour drop off community compost cannot be processed. We apologise for this, but we will work towards getting Span back on track as soon as we can. This situation will not change until the 26th October, only if the current restrictions / thresholds prescribed by the Victorian Government have been met.

But we have some great online activities, OM:NI (older men new ideas), Pilates, Tai Chi for Healthy Minds and Bodies, Art for All Abilities x 2, Artistic Development, Cooking, Gentle Exercise, Thornbury Writers Group, Creative Writing, Craft Works and Tax Help and we’ll throw in some online computer classes.

You can continue to contact us via email admin@spanhouse.org or leaving a message on 94801364.