Today Leana attended a webinar hosted by The Good Things Foundation covering the basics of connecting to the nbn.

The webinar was presented in two easy to follow courses.

  • Introduction to the nbn network
  • Making the most of your nbn connection

The first course covers everything from who looks after the nbn network, what is and how to select an internet service provider, things to consider when choosing a plan and how to get connected once you’ve made your choice.

The second course covers topics including where to put your Wi-Fi router, Wi-Fi extenders if you have a big home, Wi-Fi connections, problems with connections and smart homes. Smart homes basically refers to a household that has objects connected to the internet and can be controlled by you.

If you haven’t yet connect to nbn or you feel this course may help you get more out of your nbn, jump onto the Good Things Foundation website, they cover loads of interesting topics.