Scamwatch is warning Australians of scams relating to COVID-19 vaccinations in Australia and overseas that may attempt to gain your personal information and lead to financial loss.

How to avoid a vaccination scam:

  • Don’t give personal informationto someone who calls you about the vaccine.
  • Don’t click on linksin unexpected emails or text messages.
  • Don’t pay to get on a vaccination list– COVID-19 vaccines will be free for everyone living in Australia.
  • Don’t pay for early access to a vaccine– you can’t pay for early access.
  • You will not need a prescriptionfrom a GP to get vaccinated.

If you are asked for any of these by someone claiming to provide COVID-19 vaccines, it is a scam.

Be careful when you get unexpected contact or messages  remember, scammers can impersonate the government too. Always source phone numbers independently from official government websites.

Don’t give personal information to anyone who calls you about the vaccine. Vaccine offers that ask for personal or financial information are scams.