Homelessness Week 2022
Monday 1st August to Sunday 7th August 2022
This years theme for Homelessness Week 2022 is
“To end homelessness we need a plan”.
The raw facts……
*On any given night, 116,000 Australians are without a home
*Social housing in Australia is shrinking from 4.8% of homes in 2011 to 4.2% in 2021
*1 in 7 people coming to homelessness services are young people on their own
To end homelessness we need a plan
*to make housing affordable for all
*to provide the support people need
*to end family violence
114,000 people needing homelessness services were turned away in 2020-21 because of lack of resources. That’s 20% more than the previous year.
Raise awareness, raise funds, be kind and show your support. Rather than walking past that rough sleeper on the street, stop and engage, start a conversation, buy them a drink or something to eat. Quite often it’s the human connection that can warm their soul.